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Kaspersky AntiVirus Review (2017)

Kaspersky Anti-Virus

When you are looking to buy antivirus software, you probably look at the one with good rating and excellent scoring from independent antivirus review labs before deciding to buy. We do rate Kaspersky Antivirus near or at the top of the list, giving it the very best aggregate lab score.

One year subscription covers up to three PCs, and costs $39.99, though price may change (click on banners to get updated price) and sometimes you may get it cheaper. Typically, you have to purchase it online then log in to My Kaspersky portal to download the product. Note that volume discounts are available, for example, a five PC license costs $79.99 and a ten PC License costs $129.99.


The program’s main window uses a light green and white color, but its layout changed a bit this year. Four icons let you scan malwares, update the database, view the reports and open the on screen keyboard. If there is a problem with the computer it turns in a bright red color. Clicking the details button, it lets you see and fix the problem immediately on whatever is wrong.

A full standard test may wary depending on the system (CPU, RAM, HDD) but averagely it takes 25-30 minutes to complete, which is quite fast. The average for current products is 45 Minutes, with Windows Defender and few others taking an hour or more. Initial scan is performed at some degree of optimization as a repeated scan will finish in just 4-10 minutes.

Most of the reviewing websites rate Kaspersky very high. As per default configuration, Kaspersky handles found threats (malware) without any intervention and deletes the threat of “probably infected object”.


The browser plugin that blocks access to malware URLs also serves to keep users safe from phishing sites, fraudulent sites who try to steal login credentials for sensitive websites. It proved very effective against phishing and malware hosting URLs.

Because the URLs are different every time, Kaspersky beat most of the AVs and has the best rating at least by 10% on my view.

Kaspersky Antivirus has bonus tools like the on-screen keyboard, where you can enter your password without the possibility to capture by keyloggers or even a hardware keylogger. You can access the rest of bonus tools by clicking on the main window’s More Tools button. From that menu, you can view quarantined files, status of the Kaspersky Security Network online, or create a Rescue disk. The rescue disc would clean malware that prevents you from using Windows or launching regular Kaspersky scanner. Smart users will create Rescue disc right away.


When you choose to scan your system, Kaspersky does two different system checks. One of them reviews Windows configuration settings and reports the ones that aren’t best for security, with an option to fix them. If you don’t like the change, you can roll back the changes. The second check looks for apps that don’t have latest updates installed. If it finds an app that has updates available, the Vulnerability scan leaves you to manage necessary updates yourself.


The fantastic score awarded to Kaspersky Antivirus outweigh its uneven performance. It’s malware scan is very fast and includes several security bonus futures. If an unknown app performs malicious behavior, the antivirus can roll-back that app’ action completely.

Kaspersky is Editor’s choice for standalone antivirus protection and gets a Excellent Rating.

You can check the current pricing by clicking on the banner below:

Kaspersky Anti-Virus