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Best Tips to Help You With Windows 10



Windows 10 comes as a free update to all users of Windows 7 and later. You have probably seen a notification on your taskbar, with a new Windows logo, where you can reserve your Windows 10 upgrade. The list content here will help your transition to latest Microsoft desktop OS.

  1. Customizing start menu

Windows 10 is using the modern tiles of Window 8, with a touch-friendly interface.

You want more tiles? Few? Or None… You can have that in the new Start menu. Click and hold the cursor on the edge of the start box and drag it for the size you want it. As was the case on the Windows 8, you can pin any app or Desktop program to the tiles. If you click/tap on All Apps, you will notice a small tile for every single app on the computer, and you can pin any with a right click.

There are more settings for the Start menu, you can go to Settings > Personalization > Start page of the control panel. From there, you can re-enable the full screen start page (Windows 8 Style), You can turn off or on recent apps, content and app suggestion, recent groups, and get granular with Customize List option, it lets you choose links that appear below the frequent items, i.e. Explorer, Settings.

2. Set Up Cortana

Unlike Google Now (Google) or Siri (Apple), Window 10’s voice response digital assistant (Cortana), lets you control whatever it knows about you, It can pop-up display info of interest or reminders. You can do that by making selection on Contacts app, Notebook or in Maps app. Contacts and Maps app lets Cortana know who is your spouse, which places on the map are your home and work place.

Like Siri and Google Now, Cortana can listen to phrase, like “Hey Cortana” and wake up to get your requests. However, before you can use Cortana, you need to click on Windows 10 search box. It involves granting permission to use your mic, location, messages, contacts, email and browser history, although you can adjust these permission to allow or not certain information. Cortana is so smart that she can show you weather, sport news, local news, and even tell you a joke.

3. Set up Continuum as You Please

If you Windows 10 is running on a convertible laptop, a tablet or a PC with a touch screen, i.e. If you have a Microsoft Surface 3, when you pull the Type Cover keyboard, a notification will show up asking whether you wish to switch to Tablet mode. This is a Start screen, any modern app which is running in a full screen view, like in Windows 8.1 (which is a very good interface when running on a tablet).

4. Use Virtual Desktops

Windows 10 is coming with multiple virtual desktops. To work with them, click on the multi-screen icon next to search box in the toolbar and click the plus at the right of the taskbar. Then, to switch desktops, you can press the button again and choose one of the large thumbnails you want.


5. Try the New Edge Browser

Some users were tired of the Internet Explorer slow performances or compatibility with the new sites. Windows 10’s Edge browser offers speed and compatibility that’s likely to come as a surprise to you.

It also offers you tools which were not found on IE, like, Reading view, site annotation and extensions.




You can always write us or comment on what you like and what you don’t like on newest version of Windows.

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